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Post by Jack on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:32 pm


  • It's been a long thirty years since the Avengers Initiative was in it's prime. A team of men and women who's heroism knew no limit, the Avengers with Jacob Stark at its helm, was a task force that went all over the globe and saved humanity from countless threats. Since then, the Avengers have gotten old and forgotten, most of the heroes fell in battle or they managed to retire before their fateful passing became a reality. The only one who still fights for good is one of the founding members who's midlife crisis brought about a rebirth, his name is Volt and even though the name Avengers means nothing now, he still proudly fights under the Avengers symbol.

  • Other than him, there's one other remnant of Avengers past, locked away in some S.H.I.E.L.D facilities storage. Her name is Theta-768, a robot-like extraterrestrial captured by the Avengers when they were still looked fondly upon, she was strong but eventually captured and shutdown, only to be reactivated when the team needs her.

  • Unrelated to the Avengers, there's Brett Reilly, also known as Web. He lives in a small New York apartment with his Grandmother, working a boring retail job to afford his lifestyle. But at night, he becomes Web, the spider-like vigilante who stands up for justice at a time where many people might not.

  • We also have David Blackstone, a small time medium who's seen haunting apparitions since youth, those spirits taught him magic as he grew up, from levitation to elemental control. He grew to understand the ghostly beings and had become skilled enough to call on them when he needed to.

    Volume #1: Getting the Band Back Together, Issue #1: Growing Pains

  • It was the morning in New York city, the sun has hardly risen but that means Volt has been training for hours already. In a small warehouse in the city, Volt practices his skills, throwing bolts of lightning at the walls and roof of the warehouse. From the outside, it looked like a rave with constantly flashing lights but inside was a young adult in sweats that was honing his talents for when he stalks the streets at night. Inside the warehouse he had several carcasses of pigs hanging up that he uses as targets, some had burn marks on them from the lightning but most of them were fresh and hadn't been hit yet. Volt charged up a large bolt, holding it for a dozen seconds before launching it out at the closest pig and it landed burning a hole directly through the pig. What Volt didn't notice was he also burned off the sleeves of his sweatshirt from holding the bolt that long, he jumped back upon noticing "Oh shit" and padded off the sleeves.

  • On the city streets, Brett Reilly was walking to work when he passed by the flashing warehouse, his interest was peaked so he tried to look through a window but he couldn't make out anything other than the lights flashing. Making a quick detour from his schedule, Brett Reilly went inside the warehouse to check it out but as soon as he opened the door, a spear of lightning shot his way, before he could react, the lightning redirected and hit the wall next to Brett.

  • “Jesus!” Brett got startled and got in a fighting position “What's your problem?”

  • Volt scratched the back of his head “Sorry about that, I generally don't expect people to pop into private property like that.” his apology deteriorated from the accusatory remark.

  • Before Brett could get mad he noticed something peculiar about Volt, “Wait a second, you look familiar... Yeah actually, the lightning powers and all that, you're just like that electric guy on the Avengers and you look just like him”

  • Volt smirked “What a coincidence.” he said sarcastically

  • Brett was still piecing it together in his head “No for real, you must be related, it's so eerily similar, are you his kid?” Brett approached him to check but Volt backed up

  • “Yeah, something like that, now if you wouldn't mind, I was busy with something.” Volt tried to ward off Brett and continue his morning routine. Before Brett could reply however he got a sudden whiff of something and cringed immediately

  • “What the fuck is that smell, dude are those pigs rotten or something? Christ man, that's rancid!” Brett covered his nose but couldn't stop cringing

  • Chris wasn't phased by the smell or his reaction at all “When moneys tight, buying old pigs for practice is a good cheap alternative, you get used to the smell. But if you don't like it so much, I'd personally like it if you left, I'm in the middle of something and it's sorta important.”

  • Before anything else could happen, the two heard an explosion nearby and terrified screams. Volt rushed out and Brett quickly grabbed his mask from his backpack and got dressed in his superhero gear before following.

  • Ten minutes before, blocks from the warehouse, David Blackstone was buying breakfast at a food car, he seemed a little paranoid, looking over his shoulder as he ordered. He looked stressed about something, after receiving his food, he quickly darted off onto the street, eating his food and shifting his eyes left and right constantly. Through most peoples eyes, David looked like a man who may suffer from some mental illness like Schizophrenia but through David's eyes, he saw an entirely different world.

  • From David's perspective, he saw ghosts among the humans and they all seemed to have their attention on him. They kept talking to him ominously, saying things like “He's coming back” “You won't be able to hide for long” “You have to fight” “The Witch Hunter's presence is looming”

  • David just mumbled the words “I know, I know” over and over, but they wouldn't stop talking, the comments had mixed tones, David wasn't sure if they were warning him or threatening him. Eventually David shouted “Shut it already!” and through his mind, he saw all the ghosts vanish like a strong breeze whipping away dust but in the eyes of the public, he seemed like a crazy man yelling at nothing, so people got their distance.

  • David didn't mind being seen as crazy, he just couldn't hear himself think with a dozen spirits talking to him at once with ominous comments. He already had a sinking feeling that the Witch Hunter was drawing near but he didn't need a bunch of annoying ghosts fueling his paranoia.

  • Normally David was more in tune with spectral creatures as a whole but something has changed that, he still has a deep connection with his the ghosts he's grown closest too but the majority of ghosts have become distant and they align closer to the ghosts you would see in movies.

  • As he continued to walk and eat, he kept thinking about the Witch Hunter and it ramped up his anxiousness. David thought to himself 'All I need is some kind of distraction, to get my mind off of this.' and as if a holy spirit heard him, almost instantly, he saw an explosion just down the street from him. David quickly muttered “Oh hell yeah” and got ready for a fight.

  • Roughly five minutes prior, in a laboratory called Amphion Labs, an old and broken man in his eighties was tied down to a chair with doctors lurking around him. The old man was in a panic and one of the doctors tried to comfort him “Don't worry Chesterfield, even if you die, it'll be in the name of a better world and it'll only hurt until you can no longer feel pain.” Chesterfield's eyes widened with fear but they inserted a syringe into his neck and immediately his body started shaking like he was having a seizure.

  • As soon as Chesterfield started to shake beyond control, the doctors ran out of the room and locked the door shut. The shaking went on for a minute or two and then completely stopped, for a brief moment, everything was silent and somber, the old man looked like a corpse who was restrained to a chair.

  • The moment came to a quick close when Chesterfield began to grow, his restraints broke off as they became instantly too small for Chesterfield. One doctor ran off to try and call for help but the rest watched in awe, Chesterfield quickly managed to escape the chair and looked for a way to escape. Chesterfield's mind was quickly deteriorating, he could no longer feel pain and was hardly capable of speech but he still knew he needed to escape.

  • Chesterfield bursted through the glass the doctors were watching from, and grabbed the doctors who couldn't run fast enough. Chesterfield threw those doctors at the ones that ran and was able to stop them all. As he looked for a way to escape, he found a room filled with various chemicals and smashed a case next to a wall. The mix of chemicals cause a deadly reaction and an explosion erupted blasting a hole in the wall and giving a clear escape route out.

  • The ever-growing Chesterfield was now eight feet tall and bulky as all hell to boot. Outside of the hole he made, he saw people running and screaming from him, a large crowd of people even as it was the morning rush. The screams only made Chesterfield angrier and he kept growing, he stepped out of the hole and was ready to attack the civilians.

  • Three minutes before that, S.H.I.E.L.D received a call from Amphion Labs, asking for their help stopping a super powered individual before he caused more harm. The S.H.I.E.L.D chairman's personal assistant was given an order, to wake up Theta-768 and send her to stop Chesterfield.

  • Upon being woken up, Theta was told by the personal assistant both her mission and the location she needed to go to and Theta followed the orders without a word. After being inactive for years, she's having a slow start-up and isn't talking but she does understand her goal. She began to head for the location immediately.


  • Summary


Objective:Defeat Chesterfield

Side Objective:Save the Citizens

Citizen count: 120

Both Chris Connors (Volt) and Brett Reilly (Web) are near each other and able to strategize with ease to solve the situation if they have a strategy. David Blackstone (Hex-Ex) is across the street and you would have to make it past Chesterfield to try and make a strategy with him. Theta-768 (The Automation) wasn't there yet but was on her way and would arrive near where David is now.

If a hero has strength 7, they can match Chesterfield in strength, if they're 8 or above, they can overpower him. If the civilians are not evacuated before performing that, Chesterfield will get angrier from all their screaming and quickly get strong enough to overpower the hero. If the hero is overpowered, Chesterfield will not be able to be overpowered again.

If a hero has Intelligence 5 or higher, they can recognize Chesterfield as one of the Avengers old enemies.

If a hero has Intelligence 7 or higher, they can figure out how to mix the chemicals from Amphion labs and make a bomb out of it. If a hero has intelligence 9, they may figure out a cure for Chesterfield.

If a hero has perception 4 or higher, they'll notice Chesterfield is getting bigger. If they have perception 6 or higher, they will figure out that Chesterfield is getting bigger from anger.

Use whatever strategies you want, but don't be biased and try to make it realistic. If your character learns something about Chesterfield, they can pass it on to other heroes if you think your character would but they have to have a way to be close enough to the other hero to tell them.

If you can figure out some weird strategy that works, is logical and uses nothing I've said here, it'll still be fine, for example, if your hero had the ability to heighten other characters senses, they could increase Chesterfields sense of smell tenfold and then use the rotting pig to lure him elsewhere. Or as another example, if your character was a student on his way to school and you could somehow figure out a way to use a pencil to fight Chesterfield, even though you didn't list a pencil as an item in your equipment, it's still realistic that your character would have one so it's allowed.

The Map:
Getting the Band Back Together V2 S0GOFXW

Chesterfield Character Sheet:

Identity-: Chesterfield
Appearance: Old man in his 80s, gets bulky and looks like a giant when angered.


Equipment: Nothing
Powers: Grows with anger, both in size and strength, possibly limitless.

~Stats~ (NPCs don't have to follow the point scale but they aren't really dictated by it either)
Physical Strength-
Strength(Raw strength): 1 but growing with anger
Fighting Skill(Combat Prowess): 1
Mobility(Speed and Agility): 2 but growing with anger
Stamina(Endurance): 2 but growing with anger

Mental Strength-
Intelligence(brainy stuff): 1
Collectedness(Cool, calm and collected): 1
Perception(Observation): 3

Resolve(Determination): 5
Fortitude(Courage): 4
Power(Superpowers strength): 8

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Getting the Band Back Together V2 Empty Re: Getting the Band Back Together V2

Post by Cast on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:47 pm

David found himself being thrown headlong into battle with a giant. Being a medium; David had heard stories from ghosts of Native Americans about when Giants ruled the world, but he was 90% sure they wouldn't be able to remember those times as they themselves couldn't have been alive to see it. Right?

As the giant approached; David decided he needed to use magic to get himself out of this trap. He was after all a bit of a one trick pony.

Ice sprayed forth from the tips of his fingers at the giant. It was so cold; white frost sprinkled the windows of motor vehicles as it passed. Ghosts were running from the giant and the mage as ice met skin.

Hex-Ex used Power against Chesterfield

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