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David Blackstone (Hex-Ex)  Empty David Blackstone (Hex-Ex)

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Hero Name: Hex-Ex
Identity-: David Blackstone
Aliases(Like 'The Dark Knight', 'Caped Crusader'):
Appearance: David Blackstone (Hex-Ex)  D225c0005ca062e52875b911be7866e6
Backstory: From a young age; David was able to see ghosts. They told him things; secret things. Things people shouldn't know. They taught him magic. Not the Criss Angel/Penn and Teller stuff. The real deal. Spells of elemental blasting, levitation, possession. They taught him how to call ghosts and how to banish them if he needed. David also learned of the ability to call upon their aid if he needed. Astral projection, teleportation, item calling. By the time David was 20 he was already a highly powerful mystic, spending most of his time speaking to ghosts. It wasn't until 3 years ago when David was 21 that he found that he was being hunted through time and space. A being of pure scientific discovery was chasing him and cutting him off from his magic using science not yet discovered by humankind. He named this thing the Witch Hunter. David would throw spells at the thing, only to find that they were either ineffective; or of negligible consequence. Luckily however, it seemed that it's own tech malfunctioned when it was aimed at David. When David found he could no longer run; he knew there was only one thing to do. He opened a portal to a dimension of pure magic and shoved the Witch Hunter inside and while the effect was not immediately noticed; it wouldn't be long until it was. When David's spells began faltering slightly. Their effects diminished. He would need help to defeat the Witch Hunter; as he was still certain that he could come back. The Witch Hunter was like a cockroach that learned the secrets of the universe. Thus he decided to join the Avengers.


Equipment: Multiple spell tomes and a sword with runes on the blade
Powers: Magic and Mediumship

Physical Strength- Allocate 12 points to Physical Strength
Strength(Raw strength): 2
Fighting Skill(Combat Prowess): 2
Mobility(Speed and Agility):5
Stamina(Endurance): 3

Mental Strength- Allocate 9 points to Mental Strength
Intelligence(brainy stuff): 3
Collectedness(Cool, calm and collected):5

Superpower- Allocate 9 points to Superpower
Resolve(Determination): 2
Fortitude(Courage): 2
Power(Superpowers strength): 5
For rules on the Character Sheet, go here: http://rpandstuffforfriends.my-freeforum.com/t1-character-sheet-rules#1

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