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Post by Jack on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:18 pm

Hero Name- Hellhound
Identity- Gabriel
Aliases- Test Subject 13
Appearance- An adult black German Shepherd with a large steel spiked collar that has the numbers 13 etched into it.
Powers- Telepathy, Advanced Intelligence
Backstory- A small team of scientists had been researching how to manufacture superpowers for living creatures, after their testings showed potential they were government funded and began working on more than just test rats. One of those subjects was a German Shepherd that they appropriately called Test Subject 13. 13 was the first successful experiment in the science lab having grown not only advanced intelligence but telepathy as well. By becoming much more aware, 13 was terrified of the world around him and he broke free, escaping the lab and hiding in the streets of New York, anxiously hiding from the lab if they were to hunt him down.
Extra- Is currently not a hero or a villain, just a stray dog, lost in New York.

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