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Post by Mini on Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:55 pm

Hero Name-  The Automation

Identity-  Theta-768

Appearance-  A sleekly designed humanoid robot appearing to be female.  "Her" face is capable of emoting, but only for the purpose of communicating with earthlings.  "Her" eyes are only orbs of light with no pupil or iris, never blinking.  And mouth never moving for speech, "her" voice only heard through a speaker at the base of her neck.  Also "she" wears no clothes but there's really no need all things considered, since "she" is indeed, a robot.

Powers-  Capable of transforming appendages into melee weapons.  e.g. swords, maces, shields, etc.

Backstory-  Theta-768 was disassembled and discarded into open space as trash due to being morally defective and not fit for her role as a foot soldier serving a planet conquering race known as the Vogg.  Landing on the planet called Earth she was reassembled by the old Avengers and was left in storage until being finally reactivated to join the new age of Avengers.  Grateful to be among the living again, Theta-768 is eager to defend the planet that has brought her back to her former glory and prove herself worthy of the title "Avenger."

Extra-  Finally an extraterrestrial character Jack, happy?

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