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Post by Jack on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:30 pm


Identity-: Chesterfield
Appearance: Old man in his 80s, gets bulky and looks like a giant when angered.


Equipment: Nothing
Powers: Grows with anger, both in size and strength, possibly limitless.

~Stats~ (NPCs don't have to follow the point scale but they aren't really dictated by it either)
Physical Strength-
Strength(Raw strength): 1 but growing with anger
Fighting Skill(Combat Prowess): 1
Mobility(Speed and Agility): 2 but growing with anger
Stamina(Endurance): 2 but growing with anger

Mental Strength-
Intelligence(brainy stuff): 1
Collectedness(Cool, calm and collected): 1
Perception(Observation): 3

Resolve(Determination): 5
Fortitude(Courage): 4
Power(Superpowers strength): 8

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