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Post by Cy on Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:01 pm

You know why I'm here. wrote:Hero Name- You know why I'm here.
Identity- You know why I'm here.
Aliases- You know why I'm here.
Appearance- You know why I'm here.
Powers- You know why I'm here.
Backstory- You know why I'm here.
Extra- You know why I'm here.

Hero Name- Volt

Identity- Chris Connors

Aliases- None

Appearance- Black unkempt hair that rests on top a youthful skinny face. His superhero outfit was a black top with a rough white design on it, over that was a black belt and a lightning blue scarf. He had slim and sleek black pants with kneepads that match the same shade of blue as his scarf, to wrap it up, he had simple and light black shoes that blended into his pants.

Powers- Lightning manipulation

Backstory- One of the founding members of the Avengers, Volt saved the world countless times and survived every fight, whether it was against giants, ventriloquists or demons. Through the years, he watched his friends lose their lives to the job and others quit to try and live a little longer, but Volt never left, being a hero was in his blood.  Volt saw new members join and old members leave, he saw his hair turn silver as the years went by but he could never give up the fight to help humanity at any cost. Eventually, Volt got too old for the job, the younger members didn't need him anymore and the fights were taking a toll on him, so he devised a plan to regain his youth. He turned his body to lightning and attempted to force his own body to become younger by making his body move faster than light, making his body travel back in time. It succeeded but had an unexpected consequence, when he finally stopped becoming younger, not only did his body become younger but so did his mind, he was the same Volt from the original team, with the same memories and skill, the same maturity and thoughts but at a time period, he never knew. He now has to get accustomed to this new world and hope that maybe, he can regain the memories of his past while still saving the world at every chance he had.

Extra- You still know why I'm here.

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